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Let's All Creep Through Crocodile Creek

Let's All Creep Through Crocodile Creek

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What’s that creeping through the crooked creek? Is it a crocodile? Eek! Watch out, Mouse!

Mouse, Rabbit, and Shelly the tortoise are heading home when they decide to take a shortcut through the creepy, crooked creek. “Isn’t that where the crocodiles live?” asks Rabbit nervously. Mouse reassures Rabbit that he’s never seen a crocodile there. As the friends journey through the creek, they encounter a lumpy, bumpy bridge along with scritchy, scratchy thorns and swingy, springy vines. Watch out for the hidden crocodiles in this fabulously fun adventure!

Spot the hidden crocodiles in this fabulously fun romp from the ever-popular author and illustrator, Jonny Lambert.

Suited for ages 3-6

"Youngsters will love following the clues dropped by the anxious Rabbit and Tortoise, and along the way, they will learn that it’s always wise to keep an eye on what’s going on around you. Brimming with wisdom, colour, fun and adventure, this is the perfect story to share with anybody who’s scared of crocodiles!" – Lancashire Evening Post

"Little ones will have fun spotting the fearsome creatures hiding in plain sight, while older readers will enjoy Lambert's creative wordplay and clever illustrations." – Birmingham Mail