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March The Ninth, by R.C. Hutchinson

March The Ninth, by R.C. Hutchinson

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March The Ninth, by Ray Coryton Hutchinson (1907 – 1975), is a novel set in post war Trieste, which explores the problems of identity, loyalty and guilt.

Eugen Reichenbach, an Austrian doctor, is working in a bureaucratic and unproductive job as an adviser for Health and Nutritional Co-ordination.

He had fled with his family to America before the War and forged a successful career in the States but he is beginning to feel the tug of his European roots.

In Trieste Eugen finds a city ill at ease, torn between Italy and Tito's republic. Then an unexpected meeting with a childhood friend re-awakens his youthful idealism and leads to a series of events which will change his tranquil existence.

Published by The Companion Book Club in 1957.

Book is in good condition. Binding intact. Dust jacket is slightly torn.