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Mars: Our Future on the Red Planet, by Leonard David

Mars: Our Future on the Red Planet, by Leonard David

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The next frontier in space exploration is Mars, the red planet.

National Geographic goes years fast-forward to take a peek into the gravity-defying world of outer space with stunning photography, amazing visuals, and strong science.

This companion book to the National Geographic Channel series dramatizes the next 25 years as humans land on and learn to live on Mars. Filled with vivid photographs taken on Earth, in space, and on Mars; arresting maps; and commentary from the world’s top planetary scientists, this fascinating book will take you millions of miles away - and decades into the future - to our next home in the solar system.

“This big, welcoming book - brimming with mind-revving photographs and artists’ conceptions and written with verve and precision by David - provides the foundation on which the scientifically rigorous, speculatively imaginative series was built.” - Booklist

“What a spectacular and captivating book. The text is expertly written, really engaging, and captures the optimism we all feel.” - Pascal Lee, Planetary Scientist, Mars Institute