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M'BONGA'S TREK, by James Cahill

M'BONGA'S TREK, by James Cahill

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A boy finds himself hurtling to almost certain death in a blazing plane! Miraculously, he survives, but, with the pilot dead, he is alone in the African jungle faced with witchdoctors and spear-wielding Zulus! Fortunately, he meets M’Bonga, an English-speaking Zulu who befriends and helps him...

James Cahill’s M’Bonga’s Trek was one of a series of books written to provide “good, up-to-date Sunday School Reward books” in Post-War Britain. Behind the gripping tales of adventure (and ridiculous stereotypes), these books contained a morally uplifting Christian message for the boys and girls who received them. A genuine oddity!

 Published by Lutterworth Press, 1947. Hardback.

A clean copy in good condition. No dust jacket.