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Miller's Encyclopedia of World Silver Marks, by Judith Miller

Miller's Encyclopedia of World Silver Marks, by Judith Miller

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Designed as the essential reference tool for appraisers, collectors and dealers of silverware, the Encyclopedia is an indispensable guide for anyone researching silver hallmarks, offering clear and wide-ranging reproductions of thousands of hallmarks from more than 60 countries and regions, past and present, on every continent.

Clearly and logically organized into two volumes for ease of reference: in the first volume are hallmarks listed by visual type and category, fully cross-referenced to information in the second volume on country of origin (in order of importance), centre of assaying or making, date and silver standard marks, special marks such as import/export marks, and selected maker's marks.

Vetted by an international team of experts, the Encyclopedia thus helps you to identify silver hallmarks quickly, easily and reliably. It also includes brief historical overviews of hallmarking in each country, a description of the hallmarking process, and a guide to identifying fake and forged marks.

Practical, comprehensive and up to date,
Miller's Encyclopedia of World Silver Marksis an invaluable aid to identifying silverware from around the world.