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Milos Sobajïc, by Edward Lucie-Smith

Milos Sobajïc, by Edward Lucie-Smith

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Richly illustrated with over 250 colour images, this is the first in-depth study to be published in the English language of leading Serbain artist Milos Sobajic.

Sobajic's work is a torrential outpouring of images in a wide variety of forms - paintings, sculptures, installations, and works that combine both painting and sculpture.

These have gained him recognition as the leading Serbian artist of his generation, and led to comparisons with Francis Bacon, the classical surrealism of Salvador Dali, and the romanticism of Géricault. It is constantly preoccupied, as indeed these artists were, with the bond between the sublime and the abject, and with the tragic nature of the human condition.

The book includes a complete catalogue of his work, along with a collection of essays.