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My Limerick Town, by Desmond O'Grady

My Limerick Town, by Desmond O'Grady

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This is a collection of Desmond O’Grady’s poems many of which have an association with Limerick, his native city. Some of the poems have been revised by O’Grady prior to publication. Readers are therefore advised that the changes to text and titles are made with the specific instruction of the poet. The collection also contains excerpts from interviews given by O’Grady throughout his long life as a poet.

Always a painstaking craftsman who handled his material with compassion and authority, Desmond O'Grady's work has been rightly praised for “his lucidly achieved stanzaic patterns.”

Passion, integrity, love, a generosity of trust in personal oracles and serious questioning of the world's concealments are all to be found in the work of Desmond O’Grady.