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New. New York, John Silvis with preface by Agnes Essl

New. New York, John Silvis with preface by Agnes Essl

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New. New York features the work of 19 young artists from New York, showcased at an exhibition in the Essl Museum, near Vienna in 2012. The artists came from the numerous studios, cultural initiatives and alternative art spaces that make up the vibrant art scene in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

A common theme running through the work of all the artists is the use of known materials and media, such as painting, photography and sculpture, while mixing forms and materials in unexpected ways. Many of the artists also re-use ‘found’ materials to produce something new, and thus develop their own forms of artistic expression.

Hawaiian-born artist Letha Wilson, for example, mixes photography with metal, wood and concrete in her multi-media explorations of landscape. Sarah Lee, the youngest artist in the show, works with discarded books and old paper as her medium.   

John Silvis, born in Vienna in 1970, is an artist and curator based in New York.

Published by ESSL Museum Kunst der Gegenwart in Vienna in 2012.

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