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New York Marco Polo Handbook, by Marco Polo Travel Publishing

New York Marco Polo Handbook, by Marco Polo Travel Publishing

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Let Marco Polo lead you through a city that feels like you know it already - even if you've never actually been there. New York is not for people in search of tranquillity. The city with some of the finest museums in the world and round-the-clock entertainment is constantly buzzing.

Explore New York on foot - it’s worth allowing time for the five suggested walks, strolling through the heart of Manhattan or Downtown, through Central Park to the United Nations, along the Museum Mile, or discovering an up and coming neighbourhood. All suggested tours are plotted on detailed maps and combine the best and most interesting places to see, with tips for exciting stops along the way.

Experience and enjoy all the things which make a trip unforgettable: from eating and drinking, shopping, sightseeing, museums & galleries, staying the night, travelling with children, festivals and going out in the evening. What are the city’s best dishes and where can you sample them? What is there to do with children? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in this chapter.

Marco Polo Insider Tips reveal hidden gems and well-kept secrets, for example - how to enjoy the New York Philharmonic Orchestra for free, the inexpensive way to travel around New York, where dogs and humans both get blessed and where you can find the best fried chicken in Harlem.

Large pull-out map: Includes a separate pull-out map handily placed in a high quality plastic wallet at the back of the book, which can also be used as a storage pocket.