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Of Limerick: Saints and Seekers, Edited by David Bracken

Of Limerick: Saints and Seekers, Edited by David Bracken

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In Of Limerick Saints and Seekers we journey through a millennium and a half of Limerick history with scholars and scribes, poets and preachers, martyrs and missionaries, and founders of churches and religious communities.

Drawing from early Ireland to present day, this collection of stories details the lives of extraordinary people from a variety of faith traditions and perspectives, from well-known saints to unknown and unsung religious and lay people, including figures such as St Íte, foster mother of the saints; Gille, Limerick’s first bishop; the medieval Askeaton Madonna; Terence Albert O’Brien, bishop of Emly; Sikh scholar Max Arthur MacAuliffe and Anglican nun Sr Mary Clare Whitty, martyred in Korea.

With fascinating contributions from the modern-day people of Limerick – academics, archaeologists, archivists, bishops, poets, pastors and theologians – this book illuminates the diverse richness of Limerick’s story by highlighting the saints and seekers who have shaped its history.