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On Reading Poetry, by Aubrey de Selincourt

On Reading Poetry, by Aubrey de Selincourt

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Aubrey de Sélincourt (1894 – 1962) was an English writer, classical scholar, and translator.

In this book, he seeks to bring to life and cultivate a taste for poetry in the general public and to demystify a type of literature that can be seen as the preserve of a few. His style is animated by enthusiasm, yet practical and straightforward, as he surveys the history of poetry and explains what goes into making a poem.

De Sélincourt tries to introduce his readers to modern poetry and overcome their reluctance to approach work that is considered ‘difficult’. However he claims it is better to limit oneself to old poets than be put off by the obscurity of the modern and shun poetry altogether.

Published by Phoenix House, in 1952.

Book is in good condition with dust jacket.