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On the Genealogy of Morals

On the Genealogy of Morals

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“The sight of suffering does one good, the infliction of suffering does one more good - this is a hard maxim, but none the less a fundamental maxim, old, powerful, and ‘human, all-too-human’.”

In this daring and insightful work, Nietzsche lays bare the hypocrisies at the foundations of our ideas of morality. Considering ideas of good and evil, guilt and conscience, and law and violence along the way,
On the Genealogy of Morals takes the reader on a journey through the history of value systems in three masterful essays.

His insights are sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes provocative, but always demonstrate the workings of an exceptional mind. Together, this collection of essays makes up one of the most powerful works of modern philosophy that seeks to do nothing less than unravel the mysteries of human nature.