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Paul Cézanne in Paris

Paul Cézanne in Paris

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Recalling the famed painter’s time in a captivating region, this stylish biography reviews Paul Cézanne’s years in Paris and the Ile de France.

The diverse locations he frequented are explored, from Bonnière Pontoise, Auvers, and Issy les Moulineaux to the villages of Chantilly, Medan, Montgeroult, and the banks of the Marne. Presented as a unique traveler’s guide, this volume recommends ideal lodging locations as well as walking trails for roaming in and around the capital.

Beautifully illustrated reproductions of Cézanne’s paintings are featured along with a photographic history and a collection of contemporary images. Depicting the life of a renowned artist, this chronicle follows the routes he left behind while paying homage to his influential works.

This bilingual edition includes English and French.