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Redress by A.M. Cousins

Redress by A.M. Cousins

Give us this day your problems.

Allow us to torment ourselves

about shadow and beauty and good taste...

Cousins’ poems are deceptively seductive, drawing us into precise moments of memory, often tender and loving before turning to hint at or expose a deeper truth. They hold up a mirror to truths we may prefer to ignore; the poems shine a light in the shadows of both our home and society.

This book is a contender for The Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection (Forward Arts Foundation).

The poems of A.M. Cousins have appeared in literary publications including The Stinging Fly, Poetry Ireland Review, The Honest Ulsterman, The Irish Literary Review, Aesthetica and The Best New British and Irish Poets 2017. She featured in Poetry Ireland’s Introduction Series, 2016.

Her poem ‘Not my Michael Furey’ won the prestigious FISH poetry prize in 2019, adjudicated by Billy Collins, who has been called "the most popular poet in America" by the New York Times.   A.M. Cousins is a regular contributor to RTÉ Radio.

Redress by A.M. Cousins is published by Revival Press Limerick.