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Return to Jalna, by Mazo De La Roche

Return to Jalna, by Mazo De La Roche

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Mazo de la Roche (1879 – 1961), born Maisie Louise Roche in Ontario, Canada, was the author of the 16 Jalna novels, one of the most popular series of books of her time.

The series tells the story of one hundred years of the Whiteoak family, covering the years from 1854 to 1954. The books were not written in sequential order and each book can be read as an independent story.

In Return to Jalna, the Whiteoak family reunites after a year of separation. Piers, Renny, and Wakefield return to Ontario in 1943 during the Second World War. Finch has been off on a concert tour, Maurice has come home from Ireland and fifteen-year-old Adeline returns from school.

It is a time of change and strain, but the family remains united against all others.

Published by The Reprint Society in 1950.

Book is in good condition. Binding intact. With dust jacket.