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Scipio Africanus by B.H. Liddell Hart

Scipio Africanus by B.H. Liddell Hart

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Born in Rome in 236 BC, Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus  is considered by many to be one of Rome s greatest generals and one of the most exciting and dynamic leaders in history.

As commander, he never lost a battle. Skilful alike in strategy and in tactics, he had also the faculty of inspiring his soldiers with confidence. As the author recounts, Scipio s battles are richer in stratagems and ruses many still feasible today than those of any other commander in history.

Scipio is particularly remembered for his command of the army that defeated Hannibal in the final battle of the Second Punic War in 202 BC although it is his adversary, Hannibal, who has lived on in public memory.

Despite his achievements, Scipio had many powerful political enemies in Rome. In his later years, he was tried for bribery and treason.. Disillusioned by the ingratitude of his peers, Scipio left Rome and withdrew from public life.

 In this detailed and authoritative biography, the renowned historian B.H. Liddell Hart uncovers the story of Scipio s astonishing rise to command in his early twenties, his charisma and inspirational leadership, and successes and achievements revealing, in the process, just why this Roman general deserves a better place in history.