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Snow White, illustrated by Alessandro Ripane

Snow White, illustrated by Alessandro Ripane

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This is one of a collection of seven books that combines the tradition of the classic fairy tale with the languages of fresh contemporary art.

The volumes are illustrated by young renowned masters of digital art, illustration and street art who propose themselves as a link between past and future by encouraging the dialogue between different generations of readers and artists, parents and children.

Seven young masters interpret each classic fairy tale by using his/her specific artistic language, capturing the spirit of seven fairy tales that have enchanted the readers worldwide.

The books are published by Scripta Maneant. Each Scripta Maneant volume is a presentation entrusted to the best intellectual and artistic competences and made according to criteria of great craftsmanship, as a tribute to excellence in the fields of human expressiveness and ingenuity, both Italian and international.

Bilingual edition: English/Italian.