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Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate, by C. A. W. Monckton

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Charles Arthur Whitmore Monckton was born in 1873 at Invercargill, New Zealand. From 1897 until 1907 he served as resident magistrate in Papua, New Guinea.

Monckton took to his job with energy and enthusiasm, mounting a series of punitive expeditions against the local tribes that he viewed as hostile; tribes like the Doriri, Dobodura and Paiwa. He also led more peaceful, exploratory treks into remote regions, and documented the native peoples that he encountered.  

In Some Experiences of a Resident Magistrate he tells his story in a fast-moving and very readable style, every page packed with adventure. It contains some astute observations on the customs of the Papuans and strong opinions on the virtues and faults of his colleagues, missionaries, miners and traders.