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Songs of the Real, by May Doney

Songs of the Real, by May Doney

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”Hey say I fill a narrow place

In this world's happenings,

 Shutting within four walls my grace,

And doing little things” 

In a 1905 review, novelist John Buchan refers to Songs of the Real, praising “Miss May Doney's songs of love and children” for their originality and feeling “despite their many imperfections of style”.   

May Doney published two books of poetry, Songs of the Real in 1905 and The Way of Wonder in 1918. She had a poem included in Metheun’s ‘Anthology of Modern Verse’ in 1921.

“An interesting interpreter of Whitman’s spirit is Miss May Doney, who has inherited that poet’s large and child-like delight in the possession of hands and heart and the five senses and expresses it with greater restraint, being an artist and a woman.”  - Miss N. Royde-Smith, in the introduction to Poets of Our Day.

 Published by Methuen & Co. 1921.


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