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The Michaels in Africa, by George Michael

The Michaels in Africa, by George Michael

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The Michaels in Africa follows ex-hunter and would-be filmmaker George Michael (born 1915) as he and his family go on safari around Africa. With two young daughters in tow, George and his wife Marjorie set out from their home in South Africa and visit Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Trying to get close-up photos of dangerous animals often proves hazardous, especially when he provokes an elephant to charge, just to get that perfect shot. In Gorongoza National Reserve in Mozambique he has to shoot a 15-foot crocodile which nearly attacked one of the girls, and, back home in Pretoria, George ends up in hospital for 2 weeks after being mauled by an injured baby baboon.

Published by Frederick Muller in1959.

29 black and white illustrations

Good condition. Binding intact.  The dust jacket is slightly torn at the edges.