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The Mysterious Sea Bunny, by Peter Raymundo

The Mysterious Sea Bunny, by Peter Raymundo

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For fans of quirky and informative picture books, The Mysterious Sea Bunny is a delightful story about a sea slug who is way more than meets the eye.

Shh, we are about to observe the one-inch-long sea bunny as it journeys sloooooowly across the ocean floor!

Along the way, we'll learn some interesting facts: how it crawls upside-down using slime, how it breathes through its . . . um . . . fluffy-looking backside, and why predators would be in for an unsavory surprise if they ever got ahold of it.

Young readers will float away with loads of new knowledge about this fascinating sea slug species, and they'll be reminded to never judge a book by its cover - or a sea slug by its slime.

“Good fun, and the playful illustrations capture details of both the darling sea bunny and the vast ocean in a charming, cartoon-like style. Young readers will come away with a flurry of fun facts and a new “furry” favorite.” - Booklist

“, funny, and just the right amount of gross.” - Publishers Weekly