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The S Man: A Grammar Of Success, by Mark Caine

The S Man: A Grammar Of Success, by Mark Caine

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The S-Man by Mark Caine, is a biting satire on the cult and cultists of Success, and a parody of the many self help books that were popular at the time.  

Written in short sentences and full of jargon and pseudo-science, Mark Caine maps out the sure path to success in business.

It is a thoroughly Machiavellian approach; the simple steps to wealth include jettisoning principles, friends and colleagues, taking credit for the work of others and making promises without any intention of keeping them.

‘Mark Caine’ was a pseudonym for joint writers: Thomas Maschler (1933 – 2020), a British publisher and writer and American-born Frederic Raphael (born 1931).

Published by Hutchinson in 1960.

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