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The Willow Cabin, by Pamela Frankau

The Willow Cabin, by Pamela Frankau

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The Willow Cabin, set in the 1930s and 40s, is the story of Caroline, a young actress, and her love affair with Michael, a surgeon who is separated from his wife.

Caroline has a promising future on the stage until she meets Michael, then she faces a difficult choice; should she pursue her career of give it up and devote her life to Michael.

In the aftermath of the War, the complicated relationship between Michael and his ex-wife casts a shadow over their relationship.

“A woman's novel of love which has a sure touch in emotional values [and] a nice sense of portraiture” – Kirkus Reviews

Pamela Frankau (1908 – 1967) was a popular English novelist from a prominent artistic and literary family.

Published by The Reprint Society in 1951.

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