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Urban Landscape, by Alex Sanchez Vidiella

Urban Landscape, by Alex Sanchez Vidiella

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Since cities have been massively populated, metropolises have initiated an aggressive and visible transformation of the environment. The landscape was modified with large buildings that did away with large green areas. Over time this trend has been minimized to make way for a greater awareness of the protection for our natural environment.

Man is looking for a way to respond to this major challenge, which is the regeneration of formerly wasted spaces and the construction of new green areas. Architects, landscape architects and designers are responsible for providing solutions to maintain these areas in good condition and to develop new projects that provide functionality and an improvement for citizens, and as well as leaving their personal stamp.

This book aims to combine art and landscaping by showing different projects illustrated with pictures and drawings.

The book was first published by PAGE ONE on January 1, 2012. The book has 599 pages and weighs 3.77 kg.

Alex Sanchez Vidiella has a degree in History of Art from the University of Barcelona. He has worked as a teacher of History of Art, a museum guide for the Museu Arts Decoratives, an amateur cinema director, and as an editor and graphic editor. He currently works for Loft Publications where he writes and edits comprehensive architecture books.