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Warm Covers: A Scottish Textile Story, by Janet Rae

Warm Covers: A Scottish Textile Story, by Janet Rae

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An overview of Scotland's rich engagement with textiles beginning with the manufacture of linen, wool and cotton in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Scotland once had a flourishing industry in textiles and related products, ranging from sewing machines and thread to the manufacture of linen, wool and cotton. In the early 20th century it also developed a reputation for innovative needlework education and textile design.

Both cloth and skills teaching were exported to an appreciative overseas market including North America. In her newest and most wide ranging book yet, Janet Rae uses quilts to illustrate the country's textile heritage and influence. The themes she explores include the artistic impact of Turkey Red, the first non-bleeding red dye, and the contribution of individual suffragettes in advancing textile design and competency.

Warm Covers will appeal to a wide audience through its blend of the industrial, social and artistic history found in quilts. Personal stories of men and women quilt-makers up to the present day gives insight into a lasting heritage. The book is illustrated with 140 images from private and museum collections and stately homes.