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Wilhelmina: Defining Beauty, by Eric Wilson

Wilhelmina: Defining Beauty, by Eric Wilson

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An inspiring celebration of the evolving definition of beauty, from the captivating muses of the Swinging Sixties to today’s unique, nontraditional beauties, as seen through the Wilhelmina modeling agency, a world-renowned arbiter of beauty and fashion.

For fifty years, some of the most beautiful people in the world have passed through the doors of the Wilhelmina modeling agency. Through its storied trajectory, the agency has worked with the world’s best talent, from supermodels to presidents’ wives, rock stars to reality stars.

Wilhelmina’s sharp eye for discovering new and truly unique talent prompted the careers of A-list celebrities and models, including Anjelica Huston, Isabella Rossellini, Jessica Simpson, Naomi Sims and Whitney Houston.

This book is a celebration of the iconic imagery and dazzling individuals that have shaped the agency’s legacy for the last fifty years.

The striking photographs by masters of fashion photography are accompanied by essays defining beauty and exclusive quotes by renowned tastemakers and authoritative figures on beauty. An unprecedented and inspiring conversation, this book is a must-have for lovers of beauty, style, and popular culture.