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A Bookstore for the Visually Impaired

Recently opened in Paris - a bookstore that specializes in books for the visually impaired
From Florence Bauchard, in Les Echos, 21st May:

“In recent months, some 932,000 visually impaired French people have been able to visit a bookstore in the Latin Quarter that specializes 100% in large print books. It is a first in France, created next to the Pantheon by the publishing houses Voir de Près and À Vue D'oeil.

“There is the opportunity to check out for yourself, more easily than via the Internet, the comfort of reading these editions with large, clear fonts, better line spacing and contrasts, printed on opaque paper with soft hue, as well as to get advice in choosing from among more than 600 titles of very varied genres: French and foreign literature, crime, biographies...

The Librairie des Grands Caractères [Large Print Bookshop] is aimed not only at the growing number of people with age-related visual deficits (AMD, glaucoma, visual fatigue, etc.), but also at the public concerned with dyslexia, dyspraxia and even certain neurological disorders.”

The website for the bookshop ( promises readers “a demanding selection, you'll find books to devour from 13 to 113 years old. Novels, stories, noir fiction, literature, as well as cult works to discover or reread. Magnifying glasses and low vision lamps are also available for sale.” 

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