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A Bookstore for the Visually Impaired

Recently opened in Paris - a bookstore that specializes in books for the visually impaired. In recent months, some 932,000 visually impaired French people have been able to visit a bookstore in the Latin Quarter that specializes 100% in large print books. It is a first in France, created next to the Pantheon by the publishing houses Voir de Près and À Vue D'oeil.

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Happiness is as Easy as a Good Book

An old telephone booth opposite the town hall in Cisai-Saint-Aubin, in north western France, has found a new lease of life as a cultural hub. Allo le livre is a swap-box for readers, where locals can bring a book and take a book.

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The myth of Joan of Arc

Joan was not even twenty years old when she was burned at the stake. Every nation has a mythical figure. But there is not the slightest doubt that the myth, the mystery, the symbol of France is Joan, improperly called Joan of Arc. She was not consecrated after death, but in life, because she was a living myth. The myth of Joan of Arc has managed to cross the centuries with films, legends and books

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