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Happiness is as Easy as a Good Book

An old telephone booth opposite the town hall in Cisai-Saint-Aubin, in north western France, has found a new lease of life as a cultural hub. Allo le livre is a swap-box for readers, where locals can bring a book and take a book.

The project, which has taken almost two years to come to fruition, has finally been launched this February, as Véronique Couvret of Le Réveil Normand explains:

“Nicely repainted in brick red by Laurence Le Boulch, the former city councillor behind this project, and fitted out by Jean-Luc Toutain, city councillor and carpenter, the former France Telecom booth awaits all the book-worms in the area.

““It’s great, I love it!” enthuses Daniel, who has a direct view of this tiny library. He has already brought a few books and is about to do it again. "I am doing a clear-out”.

“Laurence Le Boulch gives a clarification. “We must not give outdated books, they will not interest people".

"Because this space must live and for that, the works must be renewed regularly.

“It is well known that happiness is as easy as a good book.”

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