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The Leipzig Book Fair: A German Student's Perspective

As a German university student interning here at Quay Books, in the heart of Limerick City in Ireland, my passion for literature knows no bounds.

Last year, I attended the Leipzig Book Fair. And as yesterday marked the beginning of the Leipzig Book Fair 2024, I find myself reminiscing about the atmosphere and literary treasures that awaited me last April.

The Leipzig Book Fair is the second largest book fair in Germany and a sanctuary for readers, writers, and enthusiasts alike. Each year, the fair hosts a new host country to give readers new insights into different countries, languages and communities. Last year’s host country was Austria. This year, the Netherlands & Flanders will bring inspiration to Leipzig through their literature, language, music, performances, exhibitions, and culinary delights!

The Leipzig Book Fair is, to me, a true celebration of diversity in literature. It's a space where authors, publishers, and readers from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate their shared love for the written word. From the classic novels to the latest bestsellers, from thought-provoking non-fiction to captivating manga & comics, the fair embraces all forms of storytelling. It's a melting pot where traditional and contemporary genres converge, offering something to entice every type of reader.

As a literature student with a deep rooted love for books & manga across all genres, I found myself immersed in discussions about the latest trends in literature, eagerly absorbing every word like a sponge. One of my favourite experiences at the Leipzig Book Fair 2023 was interacting not just with fellow book lovers, but also with authors, publishers and mangaka! This only reinforced my belief in the impact of literature in connecting people from diverse backgrounds, much like my time here in Ireland as an intern has done.

In the end, whether you’re mingling at a book fair or navigating an internship abroad, one simple truth remains: books have an extraordinary ability to transcend boundaries and unite us, offering pathways to understanding and adventures, both literal and figurative.


Written by Emma B.

Photo credit: Friederike Fuhrmann

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