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The Leipzig Book Fair: A German Student's Perspective

As a German university student interning here at Quay Books, in the heart of Limerick City in Ireland, my passion for literature knows no bounds. Last year, I attended the Leipzig Book Fair. And as yesterday marked the beginning of the Leipzig Book Fair 2024, I find myself reminiscing about the atmosphere and literary treasures that awaited me last April. The Leipzig Book Fair is the second largest book fair in Germany and a sanctuary for readers, writers, and enthusiasts alike. Each year, the fair hosts a new host country to give readers new insights into different countries, languages and communities. Last year’s host country was Austria. This year, the Netherlands & Flanders will bring inspiration to Leipzig through their...

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The Library of the Dead

The library of the dead Historians in Germany have launched a research project sifting through thousands of books belonging to Holocaust victims, left in storage in Berlin for over 75 years. "Well-thumbed, worn, battered and with yellowed pages. And yet these books are a unique collection. It is very likely that they come from the apartments of deported and murdered Berlin Jews looted by the Nazis. A library of the dead."

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