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Death of Amparo Dávila, one of the great Latin American writers.

This Saturday, April 18th, Amparo Dávila, one of the great Latin American writers, died in Mexico City at the age of 92. Loneliness, dementia, madness and fear were the recurring themes in her work. She stood out for her short-story creations. In a tribute, the Madrid newspaper, El Pais, described her as a ray of light in a dark and macho sky. An interviewer, who wrote about he just over a year ago, said: "I try to explore the enigma in her gaze that sometimes rises to stare at me and smile, but her eyes are too mysterious." “Beneath the yellowish hue of the light bulb, I must have looked transparent and diluted. The daily exercise of suffering gives one...

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Reading in these days of quarantine and Easter.

What better time to read than these days of quarantine and Easter. In days of confinement and crisis, reading is the best recommendation and the greatest inspiration, because through it we acquire knowledge on our own initiative and we travel to unsuspected worlds These are the thoughts of Nelson Fredy Padilla, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper El Espectador, in a daily column entitled Thoughts from Home during the crisis. He makes the point that if we accept the pact that a writer proposes, we become characters in the work and co-authors of it: "Each reading opens the mind in a different way depending on the subject, our emotional state, how much our self and that of others we confront, and how...

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