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Reading in these days of quarantine and Easter.

What better time to read than these days of quarantine and Easter. In days of confinement and crisis, reading is the best recommendation and the greatest inspiration, because through it we acquire knowledge on our own initiative and we travel to unsuspected worlds These are the thoughts of Nelson Fredy Padilla, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper El Espectador, in a daily column entitled Thoughts from Home during the crisis. He makes the point that if we accept the pact that a writer proposes, we become characters in the work and co-authors of it: "Each reading opens the mind in a different way depending on the subject, our emotional state, how much our self and that of others we confront, and how...

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A small bookstore that only sells great books.

QUAY BOOKS  is a small bookstore that only sells great books. Unrepeatable moment - Many books are unique and will only be here once. Time does not exist - You will find first and last editions, classics and novelties. Poetic disorder - Do not look for books, find them! There is no thematic or linguistic order: let yourself go! Come back soon - Books will change every time you visit us. We are based in the Arthur’s Quay Shopping Centre in Limerick city. You will find us just outside Tesco.

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