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Who won the Nobel literature prize in 2020?

THE WINNERThe 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature was won by Louise Gluck. American poet, she has published twelve anthologies of poems and has accumulated numerous awards for her works over the years. In 1993 she won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for The Wild Iris collection, in 2014 she won the National Book Award for Poetry, while in 2003 she was awarded the prestigious title of poet graduate of the United States.
THE REASONS FOR THE AWARDThe American poet, born in 1943 in New York and of Jewish-Hungarian origins, was rewarded - the motivation reads - "for her unmistakable poetic voice that makes individual existence universal with its austere beauty". In addition to writing, Gluck is a lecturer at Yale University and lives...

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The myth of Joan of Arc

Joan was not even twenty years old when she was burned at the stake. Every nation has a mythical figure. But there is not the slightest doubt that the myth, the mystery, the symbol of France is Joan, improperly called Joan of Arc. She was not consecrated after death, but in life, because she was a living myth. The myth of Joan of Arc has managed to cross the centuries with films, legends and books

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Death of Amparo Dávila, one of the great Latin American writers.

This Saturday, April 18th, Amparo Dávila, one of the great Latin American writers, died in Mexico City at the age of 92. Loneliness, dementia, madness and fear were the recurring themes in her work. She stood out for her short-story creations. In a tribute, the Madrid newspaper, El Pais, described her as a ray of light in a dark and macho sky. An interviewer, who wrote about he just over a year ago, said: "I try to explore the enigma in her gaze that sometimes rises to stare at me and smile, but her eyes are too mysterious." “Beneath the yellowish hue of the light bulb, I must have looked transparent and diluted. The daily exercise of suffering gives one...

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